Our Physicians

Regular Physicians

Dr. M. Anand MD, CCFP

Dr. Anand joined Colebrook in April 2014. In addition to her general practice, she has an interest in Women's Health and does contraceptive counseling and IUD insertions at the clinic. She is actively involved in training medical students and family practice residents through her various roles with the Faculty of Medicine, UBC.

Dr. S. Howie MD, CCFP

Dr. Howie had been working at Colebrook on occasional Fridays and Saturdays since February 2015. In September of 2017 he moved his Family Practice from Richmond to Colebrook to allow him to work closer to home.

Dr. N. Ramani MBBS, CCFP, FCFP

Dr. Ramani has been at Colebrook since the beginning when it opened in June 2012. She had a well-established practice in the Surrey community that has followed her to this clinic. She brings years of experience to the clinic with her.

Dr. M. Stockburger MD, CCFP

Dr. Stockburger has been at Colebrook since its inception in June 2012. He has had years of experience working in all aspects of family medicine. In addition to his general practice, he does vasectomies, circumcisions, casting and multiple other office procedures.

Dr. M. Webb MBBCh, CCFP

Dr. Webb graduated medical school in South Africa in 2006. She has been working in Surrey since 2011 and moved her family practice to Colebrook in September 2016. Dr. Webb will be on maternity leave starting October 2018 and her patients will be managed by a locum physician.

Dr. S. Khayambashi MD, FRCPC

Dr. Khayambashi is a Rheumatologist at Colebrook and follows patients with a variety of Rheumatological conditions. She holds a position at UBC as a clinical instructor. She is compassionate and strongly believes that the relationship between patient and physician contributes to the quality of care delivered. Her practice is based on this principle.

Dr. S. Shete MBBS, FRCPC

Dr. Shete is a psychiatrist who joined Colebrook in April 2018. She currently practices two days a week.

Walk-in Physicians

Dr. N. Adhami MD, CCFP

Dr. Adhami currently sees walk-in patients at Colebrook.

Dr. M. Anderson MD, CCFP

Dr. Anderson trained at Colebrook as a resident and started working as a licensed physician in August 2016. She also cares for walk-in patients and also locums for other physicians. She practices maternity care at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

Dr. N. Soltermann MD, CCFP

Dr. Solterman started in Colebrook in 2018.

Dr. N. Velay MD

Dr. Velay works part-time at Colebrook. She is a very experienced clinician and does multiple walk-in shifts at the clinic.

Our Staff

Merry Bach

Simran Bassi

Sherri Crawford

Sonia Grewal

Nicole Haughian

Melyssa Paterson

Avneet Thiara

Angeline Sebullen

Jaylene Sharma — Clinic Manager

Physician Schedules

Our physicians are available most days of the week and appointments can be booked online or by phone. Some physicians also accept walk-in patients during the day. Our clinic is also part of the University of British Columbia teaching program for medical students and residents. They are involved in patient care, but are supervised throughout the process.

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Online Booking

Please note that you must be an existing patient (not walk-in) registered with the Clinic in order to make appointments online. Please contact our Clinic if you do not have access to the online booking system.